Friday, June 24, 2011

See Ya! I am on Vacation!

Last night I was up to my elbows in shorts, swimsuits and sunscreen.  That can only mean one thing... we are leaving for family vacation in Florida soon!

I look forward to our beach vacation the entire year and now it is finally here.  My sister, her husband and kids and my mom are all meeting us in Florida so it will be a busy, fun-filled week.  Before I had kids, going to the beach meant lying in the sun, listening to the waves, reading a book, lounging by the pool and drinking a cocktail.  After having two kids, a beach vacation doesn't look quite the same.  I will be much busier as I try to keep up with my kids as we build sand castles, splash in the ocean and go swimming at the pool. 

Sophia (9 months old) and Trey at the beach in Florida in 2007. 
However, I am looking forward to leaving my work behind at the office, logging off of Facebook, Twitter and maybe ignoring my blog for a few days.  We all need time to leave behind the business of everyday life and enjoy our vacation.  So for the next week, you may not see many updates on Suiresphere.  Maybe I will get inspired to post a few pictures so I can share the beauty of the beach with you... If you really miss us, check out some pictures from our trip to Florida last year in this post.

Our first family photo at the beach in 2010.  Tallen - 1 yr and Sophia 3 1/2 yrs old. 
We will be back in town around July 4th so enjoy your Independence Day!  See you then!   

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