Monday, June 13, 2011

Working Moms are Often Out of Balance

I gave up trying to "balance" work and family a long time ago.  The truth is, for most working moms, there is no balance.  I have to fit in work, family time, exercise, grocery shopping, cooking, date nights, laundry, girls night out, church, friends, etc. There always seems to be something that needs my attention and I can't balance it all every day.  To quote Oprah Winfrey, "You CAN have it all. You just can't have it all at once." See, Oprah Winfrey and I DO have something in common.

Some times, I feel like things are really out of balance, like something in my life is not getting enough attention.  This weekend, that "something" was my kids. I thought about this Saturday night when we were halfway through the weekend and I had spent a total of four hours with my kids. 

Friday the kids spent the night with their grandparents so that Trey, Trisha and I could go out to dinner and a comedy club.  Since both kids were sleeping when I left for work Friday morning and Trey dropped them off at Gran's house before I made it home from work that afternoon, I did not get to see my kids at all on Friday!

Saturday morning after getting in a quick workout at the gym, Trey and I picked up the kids from Gran's and headed home.  I had a massage and pedicure scheduled at noon (finally cashing in my mother's day gift certificate) so I was only home for about a hour before I left again.  Tallen was napping when I got home a few hours later, but woke up soon after.  Our family outing on Saturday afternoon was driving to Sprinkles for cupcakes.  Once we got home, I immediately started getting ready for a baby shower that evening.  Trey was going to feed the kids dinner and put them to bed, because I was not planning on getting home until after 9 PM. 

Earlier in the weekend, Trey told me we were invited to spend Sunday afternoon on his friend's boat at the lake, an offer that I was less than enthusiastic about accepting.  We could either:
a) bring the kids with us and let me have yet another anxiety attack every time one of our kids got close to the edge of the boat, or
b) ask his parents to watch the kids so just the adults could soak up some sun. 

I asked Trey to let me think about it...

Before I left for the baby shower, Trey decided that we should take a rain check on boating (I was so relieved) and spend some family time together on Sunday instead.  Tallen and I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little under the weather so Trey went to church alone (he volunteers with the children's ministry) while I stayed home with the kids.  After mandatory late-morning naps for everyone except Trey, Tallen and I were feeling better and ready to get out of the house.  The only problem was it was 99 degrees outside.  I suggested we cash in some Groupons that I had purchased for the Indoor Safari Park in Southlake, which ended up being SO much fun!  Train rides, mechanical animals, play centers, miniature golf and a jungle gym kept Tallen and Sophia busy for 1 1/2 hours and the best part was all the fun was inside and out of the heat!

By the time we finished dinner and Trey gave the kids their baths on Sunday night, I was sad to see the weekend ending.  However I was happy that I was able to spend the entire day with my family.  My family time and "me" time felt a little more balanced. 

Now I am really looking forward to our week-long beach trip at the end of this month!

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