Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Date Night do-over!

Last night, our dinner date got off to a bumpy start...

Trey was busy getting things ready for our date before I even got home from work. He packed clothes and pajamas for the kids so they could spend the night at his parent's house, he packed a cooler with a few beers for each of us and was dressed when I walked in the door around 5 PM. All I had to do was change into some casual clothes and we were ready to go.

After picking up Tallen from daycare, we headed to his parent's house to drop off the kids.  Tallen was either tired or not feeling well because for the first 5 minutes we were there, he cried and wanted me to hold him.  After getting him something to eat and kissing both kids goodbye, we were ready for our date to begin.  I gave Trey directions to the cafe where we planned to have dinner. It is located in a outdoor shopping center filled with restaurants, wine bars, clothing stores, a fitness facility and a local performing arts theater. We pulled in and found the cafe right away, with an empty parking spot right in front.

Maybe the available parking should have tipped me off, but I did not notice until we got out of the car that a handwritten sign was on the door.

New Summer hours! Closing time on weekdays is now 6 PM instead of 8 PM.  I looked at my watch, it was 6:14 PM. Total FAIL on my planning for our dinner date.

We got back in the car and tried to think where we should go on this random Tuesday night. Since we already brought our own beer, I grabbed my phone and searched for BYOB restaurants on again. Then over the next 15 minutes, things started to go downhill. With a limited selection, I threw out a few names of restaurants and Trey shot them down. While I was still searching for places on my phone, he started driving which makes me car sick, so I loudly suggested that he find a place to pull over until we decided where to eat.

By this poing we were both irritated and hungry.  Trey took off driving again and we still did not know where to eat.  I pointed to an upscale pizza place that I knew was BYOB. We pulled into the parking lot and sat there a minute. Eh. Neither of us were feeling it. Finally, Trey suggested a wine and coffee bar that we stopped at a few months ago. I pulled up the online menu, saw the words flat bread pizza on the menu and shouted "YES! Let's go there." We needed to pull this date out of the black hole that it was quickly disappearing into...

Less than 10 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot. Trey ran inside to see if they were BYOB. Nope.

No problem.  Instead of heading in the restaurant right away, we decided to have a "do-over" to the beginning of date night so we each opened a beer, toasted each other and celebrated the fact that we were having a conversation in our own car without getting interrupted by the kids or being forced to listen to Scooby Doo on the DVD player.

It was wonderful

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