Friday, July 8, 2011

Five reasons I Hate the beach...

1) The Traffic - I totally missed out on getting to the beach on our first day at the vacation because we spent almost an hour sitting in traffic during the last 30 miles of our trip.  We were oh so close to the beach, yet oh so far away.

2) The Stuff - To spend the day at the beach, my family alone required one pop up canopy, two beach chairs, two kid folding chairs, one beach bag, one bag of sand toys, one cooler of food and snacks, one backpack filled with sunscreen, and five beach towels.  Each of these items needed to be carried from our car to the beach, then back from the beach to the car each day.  (Someone also had to carry Tallen the entire time - see reason #4 below). 

Yes, even Sophia had her own chair at the beach.
We just had to carry it for her.  

3) The Sand - It gets EVERYWHERE and it you can never get it off.  I could do that shower, foot spray thing for 10 minutes and still find sand on me once I got to the car.  You also find it in unexpected places throughout the day, like in your sandwich at lunch or in your daughter's bathing suit bottoms when you give her a bath that night. 

Trey covered in sand after the kids buried him.  Yes, he did this willingly. 
No, I would never let them bury me in the sand.   

Sophia playing with her sand toys and getting sand in her bathing suit. 
 4) The Fear - Tallen was absolutely terrified of the sand on the beach.  I am talking ear piercing screams, arms trembling with fear and big fat tears rolling down his face.  This made our lives very difficult, because we were on vacation at the beach and we basically sat in the sand every day.  I spent most of the day standing up holding him, sitting in a chair while he napped on my lap, or ignoring his pleas for me to hold him.  If we would have just made a drinking game out of the phrase "Hold you Mommy!" we could have spent our week drunk and happy.

  "Hold you, MOMMY!"

Oh No!  My feet are way too close to the sand!
 5) The Fury - Going on vacation means throwing your schedules out the window.  This meant my kids stayed up late, didn't get enough sleep, played really hard, ate too much sugar, and meals were way off schedule.  This can lead to meltdowns, whining, pouting, and temper tantrums.  This applies to the kids as well as the adults.  One night we had to skip out on dinner (after we had already arrived at the restaurant) and go home to put the kids to bed.  

You would not know it from our smiles, but Sophia is off to the left having a meltdown
because she refused to be in the family picture. 

Check back soon for a more upbeat post titled "10 Reasons I LOVE the Beach".  I hope I can come up with ten reasons.  I must still love it because we are already planning our trip to the beach next summer.  I really hope that we have cured Tallen of his fear of sand by then.  

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