Friday, July 1, 2011

Food and Fitness 4 Real

I am so excited to announce that I am launching a new healthy living blog today, called Food and Fitness 4 Real. It is about my journey towards healthy living and what it looks like 4 real as a busy working mom. 

Unlike Suiresphere, which is about my family, Food and Fitness 4 Real (FF4R) is my personal experience with food and fitness.  In fact, my children will not be featured often on FF4R.  I will be sharing tips for eating out and staying healthy, my switch to eating more organic & seasonal foods, and trying out new recipes.  In addition, I will give tips on fitting exercise in your busy life, how I found time for myself when I laced up my running shoes, and why it is important to let your kids see you make fitness a priority in your life.  This fall I will be running two or three half-marathons so it will also chronicle my training schedule for my races. 

Stop by often, as I will be posting daily on my new blog.  I already have a week planned full of recipes, tips for eating out, and a review of one of my favorite pizza places in Dallas (yes, pizza can be healthy too). 

Suiresphere will still be a way for me to share stories about my family and the struggles of a career mom with two young children.  Make sure you don't miss a moment of the Suiresphere, sign up today to get emails with new posts.  Just fill in our email address on the top right corner of this blog.

Thanks and I am looking forward to you visiting me at Food and Fitness 4 Real.  I love to hear your comments and can answer any questions you may have about Healthy Living 4 Real. 

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