Monday, July 18, 2011

An Unexpected Weekend...

I admit it.  I am spoiled.

I'm not talking about the fact that I am spoiled because I don't have to pump my own gas (Trey puts gas in my car every week) or wash my own car (Trey does that for me too).

No, I am freely admitting that I am spoiled for my weekly date nights with Trey.

I have bragged - um, I mean Blogged about the fact that I go on a date with my husband every Friday night.  My in-laws love spending time with their grand kids, so each week my kids spend the night with them.  Trey takes them on Friday afternoon (around 4:30 PM) and I usually pick them up the next day before noon.

Because of all of our traveling and guests over the past three weeks, we missed out on several date nights this past month.  About a week ago, I planned our Friday night date that included a sushi dinner followed by a show at the House of Blues.  We were so excited to have an adult night out so we could reconnect and have a conversation without a million kid interruptions.

Sometime in the middle of the week, I realized that there was a huge snag in our plans...

My in-laws were going to be out of town for the weekend! 

After some debating back and forth about getting a baby-sitter, we decided to stay home instead.  Friday night felt different, because I went grocery shopping with Sophia instead of out to dinner with my husband.  I think I actually spent more time with Sophia than I did with Trey the entire weekend.  No complaints though, it was nice to spend time with my daughter after she ignored me for five days at the beach.


I blogged about the Things I learned on my Sunday morning run on Food and Fitness 4 Real this weekend.    If you missed it, one of the things I learned was to make sure my kids are supervised when I am out running:

6) Kids need to be supervised when I go running. My daughter greeting me at the door, showing off four new tattoos that she had applied on her own while I was gone. Then my son came around the corner with a ring pop in his hand and his entire face stained blue. Apparently they found the goodie bags from the birthday party we went to last night. My daughter, being the helpful big sister, opened the ring pop for her brother and went tattoo crazy. Awesome. Now when I get up early to run, my husband will have to get up early too to make sure the kids are not eating CANDY before breakfast. Or we just need to do a better job hiding the goodie bags.

After I walked in the door and saw Sophia and Tallen, I could not resist taking pictures.

This sweet smile is hiding the fact that she was up to no good while I was out running. 
Sophia put on tattoos all by herself!!!

"This one is a little wrinkled," she told me, "But that's okay."
Mmmm.  Candy for breakfast!
WHAT?  Do I have something on my face?
I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  We had a great weekend with the kids but I am really looking forward to date night with my husband this Friday night.  Yes, I know I am spoiled. 

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