Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Funny Stuff my kids say...

Sophia: "Mom, these trees are making me sneeze.  They have too much moisture in them.  They have coconuts or something in them and I am allergic to coconuts."  Achoo!  (continues to fake sneeze)

Sophia: "Mom, there is a hooker in my bed!"  I turned around and looked to see if a woman with questionable morals was standing in my daughter's room, but no one was there. "Where is the hooker?" I asked.  She pointed again and I realized that she was showing me a plastic hanger on her bed.  "Sophia," I said, "those are called hangers." 

Tallen: "What dat makin noise?" I was sitting next to him and he had just passed gas or as we call it tooted. "That was your bootie," I told him. "Oh, he said, My bootie makin noise!"

Sophia: "Mom, how did you learn to cook so good? Can I live with you when I get big so you can cook for me?"  "Yes," I answered, "You can live with me as long as you want."  Sophia said, "When I become a mommy, I still want to live with you."  Okay sweet princess, that is fine by me.

Sophia: (talking to Trey while they were at the play place at the mall) "Mom needed some alone time so she can cook dinner and was tired of hearing the cartoons on the TV so we had to leave so she could turn off the TV."  Well said my little girl.  Well said. 

Tallen: "Where my gate go at?" We recently removed the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs after Sophia fell down the steps, crashed into it and bent the frame.  She is fine, btw.  "I don't know where the gate is Tallen," I answered.  He walks around the house yelling, "Gaaa-ate!  Where are you gate?" 

Sophia: (in the bathtub after I had finished giving her and Tallen a bath, but wanting to play with her toys some more).  "Mom, can you give me some privacy?'  I started to tell her I could not leave her alone in the bathtub, but first I decided to ask her a question.  "Sophia," I asked, "Do you know what privacy is?"  She answered No.  "Then I don't need to give you any.  Now let's get out of the bathtub and get ready for bed."

Tallen: (sitting in his high chair at the kitchen table while all four of us are eating dinner together) Tallen announces, "I not go poo-poo." I looked at Trey and asked, "Do you think that meant he just went poo-poo in his diaper, or does he just want us to know that he doesn't need to go to the potty?" Trey made a face and said. "I have absolutely no idea what he means." We just went back to eating dinner... his diaper was clean when I got him out of his high chair.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh No! Mom Has a Camera!

Every once in awhile, we like to torture our two children. 

First we make them sit at the kitchen table, then we start pulling their fingernails out. 

Just kidding. 

Actually, all we have to do is pull out the camera and this is the reaction we get...

Oh the horror. 
The tears, the pouting, the hiding of faces...

Could they be any more pitiful? 

Tallen at least gives us something to work with...

We call this his "Old Man Face." 
Pretty good for a two year old. 
I think he has a big career ahead of him.

Sophia refuses to smile for 99% of the pictures we take,
but she takes this a step further by refusing to show any part of her face. 
Complete face block by her arm. 
That actually takes talent too...

We find that givng them food improves their mood. 
Although Tallen is still not co-operating. 

Tallen just stuffed an entire grilled cheese triangle in his mouth. 
They are still averting their eyes from the camera. 
I think Trey was off to the right trying to get them to smile. 

Stubborn but cute.
That is the best way to describe my kids.
I love them anyway.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Five years ago, you came into my world and changed my life. 
Sophia Jane Suire - August 2, 2006

I was nervous and so excited to meet you. I remember staying up all night, just watching to make sure you were still breathing.  Let's just say I was a little overprotective in the beginning. 

Your daddy fell in love with you the first time he held you in his arms.  He was "magic daddy" the first few days and was the only one who could calm you down. 

Our world turned PINK in a matter of months. 
This is the first picture we have of your beloved bunny.  She is so FLUFFY!

Sophia on her first birthday.  Just like her mom, she did not have any hair until she was almost 1.

I thought this was a picture of Tallen at first!  So sweet and innocent.

Sophia's very first visit to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch.  This has become a family tradition every October.  I was so excited to put her hair in (a very small) ponytail. 

Halloween 2007.  Not sure how to describe her outfit, maybe Leopard Princess Ballerina?

Sophia's two year old pics and our very first photo shoot with our favorite photographer, Brandi with B4 Photography.  Finally she had some hair and lots of pretty blonde curls.

She might look sweet and innocent but she refused to smile for Brandi.  We were starting to see her strong, stubborn, independent personality emerge.

I love this picture.  I love it even more that she is holding bunny.  My little girl was 2.

Halloween 2008.  My pretty princess all dressed up in PINK. 

Sophia could not wait to become a big sister.  Here is our first family picture with Tallen, who was two weeks old.  It broke her heart to hear Tallen cry.  

She asked to hold him all the time.  A true big sister who always wanted to help me take care of the baby.

Sophia on her third birthday.  I loved her hair at this age - so curly, wild and free. 
Bunny is never far away from this little girl. 

Sophia's 3rd birthday party.  Finally a real ponytail in her hair! 
This was the year that Barbie took over our lives.

Playing dress up at a Fancy Nancy tea party with Mommy. 
Now that is a real princess!

Sophia at her first dance recital.  She was so excited to get dressed up and wear her ballerina costume. 
She was NOT excited to actually get up on stage and dance.  Can you find bunny in this picture?

Sophia is almost 4 years old and she finally smiled for Brandi!

So young and carefree.  I love seeing her in this moment.

This picture is a perfect fit for her personality.  My strong, confident super-hero Sophia. 
Nothing will ever defeat her.

My little girl is all grown up, but she still needs her bunny.

Brandi still had to bribe her for smiles.  Bunny always helps though. 

Happy 5th Birthday sweet Sophia!  You made me a mother and I love you so much.
Seeing your sweet smile every morning just brightens up my day. 
I look forward to watching you grow into the woman that God has planned for you to be. 
You are my amazing, beautiful, spirited little girl!