Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh No! Mom Has a Camera!

Every once in awhile, we like to torture our two children. 

First we make them sit at the kitchen table, then we start pulling their fingernails out. 

Just kidding. 

Actually, all we have to do is pull out the camera and this is the reaction we get...

Oh the horror. 
The tears, the pouting, the hiding of faces...

Could they be any more pitiful? 

Tallen at least gives us something to work with...

We call this his "Old Man Face." 
Pretty good for a two year old. 
I think he has a big career ahead of him.

Sophia refuses to smile for 99% of the pictures we take,
but she takes this a step further by refusing to show any part of her face. 
Complete face block by her arm. 
That actually takes talent too...

We find that givng them food improves their mood. 
Although Tallen is still not co-operating. 

Tallen just stuffed an entire grilled cheese triangle in his mouth. 
They are still averting their eyes from the camera. 
I think Trey was off to the right trying to get them to smile. 

Stubborn but cute.
That is the best way to describe my kids.
I love them anyway.

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Trisha said...

HAHAHA the picture where Tallen stuffed his face is hilarious! Yea that are definitely some cuties :D