Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Funny Stuff my kids say...

Sophia: "Mom, these trees are making me sneeze.  They have too much moisture in them.  They have coconuts or something in them and I am allergic to coconuts."  Achoo!  (continues to fake sneeze)

Sophia: "Mom, there is a hooker in my bed!"  I turned around and looked to see if a woman with questionable morals was standing in my daughter's room, but no one was there. "Where is the hooker?" I asked.  She pointed again and I realized that she was showing me a plastic hanger on her bed.  "Sophia," I said, "those are called hangers." 

Tallen: "What dat makin noise?" I was sitting next to him and he had just passed gas or as we call it tooted. "That was your bootie," I told him. "Oh, he said, My bootie makin noise!"

Sophia: "Mom, how did you learn to cook so good? Can I live with you when I get big so you can cook for me?"  "Yes," I answered, "You can live with me as long as you want."  Sophia said, "When I become a mommy, I still want to live with you."  Okay sweet princess, that is fine by me.

Sophia: (talking to Trey while they were at the play place at the mall) "Mom needed some alone time so she can cook dinner and was tired of hearing the cartoons on the TV so we had to leave so she could turn off the TV."  Well said my little girl.  Well said. 

Tallen: "Where my gate go at?" We recently removed the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs after Sophia fell down the steps, crashed into it and bent the frame.  She is fine, btw.  "I don't know where the gate is Tallen," I answered.  He walks around the house yelling, "Gaaa-ate!  Where are you gate?" 

Sophia: (in the bathtub after I had finished giving her and Tallen a bath, but wanting to play with her toys some more).  "Mom, can you give me some privacy?'  I started to tell her I could not leave her alone in the bathtub, but first I decided to ask her a question.  "Sophia," I asked, "Do you know what privacy is?"  She answered No.  "Then I don't need to give you any.  Now let's get out of the bathtub and get ready for bed."

Tallen: (sitting in his high chair at the kitchen table while all four of us are eating dinner together) Tallen announces, "I not go poo-poo." I looked at Trey and asked, "Do you think that meant he just went poo-poo in his diaper, or does he just want us to know that he doesn't need to go to the potty?" Trey made a face and said. "I have absolutely no idea what he means." We just went back to eating dinner... his diaper was clean when I got him out of his high chair.

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This brought me great joy!!