Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 2

Yesterday after work, I rushed to daycare to pick up Tallen then drove home to check on my injured husband.  After changing Tallen's dirty diaper (no, that is not the part I am thankful for), I sent both kids outside to play while I started making dinner.  Usually I have to keep a close eye on Tallen when he is on the play set, but Trey was willing to sit outside on the patio and watch the kids while I cooked. 
For that, I AM THANKFUL.

About 40 minutes later, I had two home-cooked meals ready for dinner.  The kids had their choice of chicken & sausage jambalaya or a cheesy broccoli chicken and rice casserole.  Trey was starving so I made his plate first, then put small bowls of jambalaya in the freezer to cool off so the kids can eat.  Once I got the kids seated at the table and filled all requests for milk and juice, I noticed that Trey was limping to the table with his plate to join us for a family dinner.  For that, I AM THANKFUL.  Even though it was a struggle to get the kids to eat, we still make an effort and that is what is important. 

After dinner, I chased both kids up the stairs so they could take a bath (that was way over due for both of them).  Drying off my clean smelling kids and putting them in warm pajamas is the best way to end a hectic day.  After letting them watch a few minutes of Scooby Doo, I took turns taking each of them to their bedrooms and reading books before bedtime.  Books were read, prayers were said and kisses were spread.  For that, I AM THANKFUL.