Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 3

Running is one of my newer hobbies.  About a year ago I started running on a regular basis and decided to sign up for a few races as motivation.  I stuck to 5K races for several months, then ran my first 10K.  Eventually I signed up for my first half marathon, trained for the race and finished in under 2 hours. 

I ran the Heels and Hills half marathon in May with Team in Training
I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line.  The realization that I am stronger than I think and that I can accomplish things that seemed impossible before.  In fact, I loved that feeling so much that I wanted to share it with my friends and family.  Specifically, with Trey.

Several months ago, I started looking for races to compete in this fall.  I signed up for a few local races, but thought it would be really fun to do a destination race.  Even better, I decided that Trey and I could take a weekend trip somewhere fun and I could run a race while we were there.  So I picked the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas half marathon.  At the time, we planned to meet some of Trey's friends from Georgia in Vegas and we all decided that we should run the race together.  So Trey and I signed up for the half marathon.

I ran the 13.1 Dallas half on October 22, 2011
Trey has never participated in a race longer than an 5K and until a few weeks ago, he had never ran longer than 4 miles.  Over the past month, he was been training for the Las Vegas half marathon so we can run our first long distance race together.  Then on Saturday, he ran 8 miles and woke up the next day injured. 

Yesterday, we were talking in the car and the topic of running came up.  Trey admitted that he kind of missed being able to run this past week.  He said that even though he ended up hurt, he enjoyed his 8 mile run last weekend.  In fact, he told me that running that distance was not that difficult and for the first time ever... he felt like a runner.  Finally, I was able to share my passion for running with the man in my life that I am most passionate about.  

For that, I AM THANKFUL.

My life is busy and work is consuming most of my time right now.  But Trey's comment about missing his running reminded me that even though I may have missed a few training runs these past few weeks, I am healthy enough to run 13.1 miles this weekend at the DRC Half Marathon. 


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trey said...

I am thankful for having you in my life, thanks for inspiring me!