Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 8

Today I worked for more than 10 hours at the office then rushed home to put my kids to bed.  Both of the kids ran to the door when I was parking the car and did their happy dances that Mommy was home.  After about five minutes, I told them it was time to go upstairs to read a book and Sophia's world turned very dark. 

Notice that I did not even use the words "bed" or "time" when I told her we were going upstairs, but she is 5 yrs old and has BRAINS.  At least that is what she tells us when we ask her how she got so smart. 

Anyway, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and read one book to both kids at the same time.  Poor choice on my part.  After I vetoed the third book that Sophia chose for a bedtime story, she had a meldown of Chernobyl proprtions.  (FYI - 1st book was an activity/puzzle book and impossible to read, 2nd book was a sing-a-long book but the batteries were dead and the 3rd book was a 6th grade level story about Snow White which I declared to old for Tallen). 

Sophia was so over the top with demanding that I MUST read Snow White, that even Tallen got off the bed and waved his little finger in her face to stop.  Then he went to the bookshelf and picked out a Winnie the Pooh storybook, which Sophia grabbed out his hands and THREW ACROSS THE ROOM.

That is basically when story time ended for her

Instead, I took Tallen to his room and we sat together in his chair while I calmly read Winnie the Pooh.  For that, I AM THANKFUL. 

While I was enjoying the five minutes that I actually got to spend with one of my kids today, Trey was handling the discipline of the meltdown making, book throwing, scream producing little girl in the next room.  For that, I AM THANKFUL.

After finishing her talk with her Daddy, I asked Sophia for a hug.  She said NO and walked away. 

I stood there for a moment then left her room.  Within 10 seconds she ran out of her room and gave me (a somewhat lackluster) hug.  But she did hug me and I got to tell her "I Love You" before she went to bed.  For that, I AM THANKFUL.

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