Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 9

Wednesday morning, I got up early with every intention of getting out of the house before the kids woke up.  Daylight savings time foiled my plan because the kids were up before 6:30 AM, like they have every morning this week. Once I was dressed and ready for work, I was able to take the kids downstairs and make breakfast.  Sophia wakes up starving every morning, so I made three servings of whipped banana oatmeal and she had finished her entire bowl in about three minutes flat.  For that, I AM THANKFUL.

With deadlines approaching at work, I have been staying late a couple nights a week.  Unfortunately this means that I leave for work in the dark and drive home in the dark.  However, Wednesday I promised Trey that I would leave work at 4:30 so I could pick up Tallen from daycare.  When I got to Mrs. L's house, he was wearing a superhero cape and hiding from me under the table in the playroom. Let me tell you that there is nothing cuter than a two year old wearing a cape.  Especially one that is so excited to see his mommy that he jumps up and gives me kisses!  For that, I AM THANKFUL.

Before I left for work on Wednesday, I had put some chicken in the crock pot so we could have pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner.  When Tallen woke up that morning, he asked for a hamburger so I also had Trey cook some turkey burgers.  Then something magical happened...

All four members of my family sat down at the kitchen table at the same time and ate dinner together!


*Pictures taken by Sophia who has developed an interest in Photography. 

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