Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blogging Needs to be Back In My Life

I miss blogging.  More than I ever imagined. 

If my hubby can get my computer fixed soon, I can get back to writing in my spare time.

Until then, I am making a list of Christmas cookies to bake.  So far the requests are pretty standard:

Sugar cookie cut-outs (Sophia)
Chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips (Trey)
Chocolate Chip (Nestle Toll House original) (Tallen)
Oatmeal chocolate chip (Trey)

What cookies/candy/holiday treats do you bake every year? 

I think I am going to bake the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls again this year, or maybe go back to french toast casserole for Christmas morning (because both of these can be made in advance). 

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