Friday, March 23, 2012

Mommy Daughter Date Night - Dallas Museum of Art

Making memories with my kids is important to me.  That is why I started having "Mommy Daughter Date Days" with Sophia when she was just a baby.  Although she might not remember, I would take her shopping with me on a Saturday morning then out to lunch to someplace like Mimi's Cafe.  She would sit next to me in her infant carrier while I ate lunch, then I would feed her a bottle.  At the time, I looked forward to those dates more than she did but now she gets just as excited as I do to spend time together. 

Last week I wanted to do something different than our usual shopping, movie, or nail salon visits.  So I invited my daughter to go to the Dallas Museum of Art with me for their Late Night/Spring Break Block Party.  When I told Sophia the night before that I planned to take her to the museum, she said that sounded boring!  Then I told her there would be crafts, a scavenger hunt and story time so she changed her mind and decided she wanted to go.  When I got home from work, she was dressed in her new white dress and white high-heeled sandals... which meant I was going to have to put on a dress and heels too if I wanted to go on this date!

Although my plan was to take her to dinner then drive downtown to the museum, Sophia was adamant that we needed to go straight to the museum because "she was too excited to wait." So even though my stomach was growling, I drove us there and chatted with Sophia along the way. That girl has some interesting questions... 
  • Is taking care of two kids a big 'sponsibility, mom? 
  • Is it annoying when kids ask a lot of questions? When I have kids, I hope they don't ask a lot of questions.
  • How did you daddy die, mom? So did he just go to sleep and just get a little bit dead? 
  • Are we in the big city now? 
  • Why don't we live in the city, mom? When I have kids, we are going to live in the city.
  • Is there a mayor in this city? Can girls be mayors, mom? 
  • What does a mayor do? Does he just sit there and like, be mayor?
  • I told you it was annoying when kids ask a lot of questions! 

After we made matching paper hats, painted her face with flowers and butterflys, explored the art exhibits on our scavenger hunt, watched the kids do yoga and created sculptures out of pipe cleaners, I finally convinced Sophia it was time to eat.  Since it was a Spring Break Block Party, there were about 10+ gourmet food trucks lined up on the street right outside the museum.  There was even live music and picnic tables set up in the street so that everyone could enjoy the beauitful warm weather.  After telling Sophia all of her food options, she picked out the "mini hamburgers" from the Easy Slider truck.  Judging from the line, this was one of the best trucks around that night.  I got Sophia a classic slider while I ate the Black and Blue (with bacon and blue cheese cole slaw).  We also shared some chips and a lemonade.  

Sophia insisted on posing like this evertime I tried to take a picture of her eating her burger.  She actually sat still like this for almost 60 seconds until I finally took the picture, no joke. After we finished our burgers, I told Sophia that there was a cupcake truck nearby!  Trailercakes is a favorite in our family (I just picked up cupcakes from their commerical kitchen in Richardson last week), so I knew we were in for a treat.

Since it was St. Patrick's Day weekend, they had a special green velvet cupcake which Sophia picked.  Here she is showing off her green teeth after she ate the entire thing.  I had the Strawberry Fields which is now one of my new favorites. 

We did not leave the museum until almost 9 PM that night but we made some new memories together that night.  When I asked Sophia what her favorite part of the entire night was, guess what she said?


That figures.

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I also have daughter date nights. It was kind of cool because last year there was a Tim Burton exhibit at the Los Angeles MOCA (museum of contemporary art) that me and my daughter enjoyed.