Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Early Birthday Visit to American Girl

This weekend is Sophia's birthday party and she is turning 6 years old!!!  She wanted a pool party so we have invited all of our friends to our neighborhood pool to cool off in this 100+ degree heat.  At least the party is early in the day so it may be closer to 90 degrees.  But before her big pool party, we were able to celebrate her birthday a few days early thanks to Grammy...

Grammy sent Sophia a very generous gift card to the American Girl for her birthday so she could pick out her first American Girl doll.  We are lucky to have an American Girl store in Dallas, so I made an appointment with a personal shopper last Saturday afternoon. 

Sophia was very impatient when we arrived because the personal shopper was late meeting with us.  Then she was annoyed that I wanted to take her picture.  This is her annoyed face. 

That all changed once she picked out her doll, the 2012 American Girl doll of the year - McKenna!  Sophia recently started taking gymnastics, so she really liked that McKenna is a gymnast and comes with a sparkly leotard.  She also has two other gymnastics outfits and Sophia immediately wanted to change her clothes and shoes.  I convinced her to wait until we got home to start stripping down her doll. 

We had reservations for a late lunch in the Bistro but we were a little early so we played with her new doll while we waited.  Did I mention that we also took McKenna to the salon and got her ears pierced? 

My favorite part of the whole American Girl experience was having lunch in the Bistro.  They have little booster chairs for the dolls so they can sit with your little girl at the table.  If you forgot to bring your own American Girl doll, they even have loaner dolls available!  Sophia ordered pink lemonade and our waitress brought out a cup for McKenna too.  Since it was Sophia's birthday (and she was extra patient while we waited for our reservation), the hostess brought her a balloon for her doll. 

Sophia was worried that McKenna was thirsty and hungry so she made sure she had enough to eat and drink at the table. 

The star shaped fruit and cheesy macaroni was a big hit with Sophia.  I think McKenna had a few bites too.  However Sophia told me she does not like "green canteloupe" (aka honeydew melon).

I adored all of the pink, girly decor in the Bistro and the petite portions of dessert.  We saw mini ice cream cones and sundaes at most of the tables, but Sophia and I were too full to order dessert. 

I tried to take one last picture of Sophia during her birthday celebration but she was tired of me taking pictures by this point.  At least I got a good picture of her new favorite toy, her first American Girl doll, McKenna!  Happy Birthday Sophia!


Melbourne Childrenson said...

Great day out and looked like a real party for the kid! I am sure she had a good time!
All the best

Kath said...

I used to have several of the AG dolls - LOVED them!! So fun the next generation can enjoy them too.

EBENEZER said...