About Me

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I'm so glad you stopped by the Suiresphere.  I know, you probably have no idea how to even pronounce the name of my blog but I blame my husband for that.  Because it is his last name and everything.

(Sweer) ryhmes with beer, (Sfeer) like a sphere

The Suiresphere refers to my view of the world and pretty much revolves around my family.  My husband, my five year old daughter, and my two year old son (who will be forever called the baby). 

I started my blog about three years ago because I have a passion for writing, especially about my family and it was a great way to keep our families updated on the details of our daily life.  I am originally from West Virginia (and graduated with a degree in engineering from WVU) then moved to Louisiana after college to begin my career.  About five years later I met my (now) husband, who is from Louisiana, when he began working at the same company.  A short time later, we left life in Louisiana behind to move to the big D.  Dallas, TX. 

Life got a little crazier after moving to Dallas.  We changed careers a few times, got married, bought a house, and finally decided to start a family.  I am a late in life mama (which means I started my family after the age of 30).  Sophia was born in 2006 and Tallen completed our family in 2009.  I have always been a working mom, which brings a lot of challenges of its own.  That whole work, life balance thing is a constant struggle.  Luckily I enjoy my job and love my family. 

I have always been active and growing up I was involved in cheerleading, gymnastics and dancing.  In college and afterwards I was involved in dancing (WVU dance team), cheerleading (New Orleans Saints cheerleader) and coaching (All-Star Cheerleading and Dance teams).  Exercise and eating healthy have always be a part of my life but becoming a mother made me recognize how strong a woman's body can be.  After Sophia was born, I started running for the first time in my life.  Now that Tallen is a little older, and the craziness of babyhood is behind us, I have challenged myself to make healthy lifestyle changes* for me and my whole family. 

Follow along to see what happens in the Suiresphere!

*I blog about my journey towards Healthy Living at my other blog, Food and Fitness 4 Real